Reasons Why Your Android Smartphone Always have Low Battery

Reasons Why Your Android Smartphone Always have Low Battery

Reasons Why Your Android Smartphone Always have Low Battery

Smartphone remains one of the greatest invention of the 21st century, but there seem to be a set with this amazing device.

A question I have always been asked is this “Why do I always have a flat or low battery on my Smartphone” or some will say “Smartphone is a power consumer”. Both comments are not wrong, but there are reasons behind this power drain from your smart phone.

Most of the Smartphone batteries were built fragile, as such it lacks the ability to sustain the many applications (apps) on the device, although most have been reinforced with better technology through the years, but situation is situation, although lithium batteries help a bit.

But considering that some smart device still has batteries that will drain almost within minutes after you must have charged it to 100%, just like my Infinix Hot2 smart device.

The truth, after so many research to know the real problem behind my battery drain or low battery, I didn’t find anything tangible, as in, nothing was wrong with the battery, I guessed it was built that way.

But a general question smart phone users will always ask is this “way is my battery not lasting longer as supposed”?

Below are a few reasons that may be responsible for your low battery or power drainage, some you may know…

1. Keeping your data on – This is one of the major cause, whenever your data remains on for no reason, it tends to keep all the apps on the device functional, and as a result drains off the little power left in it, note that when your data is on, you keep getting notifications..

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2. Notifications – this has a connection with having your data on, now how does notification help in draining your battery? Thats one question that must be answered. My sister has a smart phone and she always complained about battery drain or low battery, I had to check her phone to know what the real problem was, to my greatest surprise, I discovered that she has over one thousand five hundred (1500) unread e-mail messages showing on the screen, nearly nine hundred (900) BBM messages, Facebook messages was close to three thousand and then Whatsapp was about 300 messages, and her phone’s led was always blinking because of the notification. I told her straight up, this is your problem here, try and clear off these messages and you’ll be free.

3. Bright screen – I discovered this on my blackberry Q5, when even the battery gets to 10%, it automatically goes to “Batterry Saving Mode” and the mobile screen will dim a bit, this only means that when the screen is brighter, it consumes more energy, that is to say “The brighter the screen the more energy it consume and the dimmer the screen the more power is saved” run away from constant low battery.

4. WiFi – This is one battery draining machine, when you leave your WiFI on and it keeps searching for available network, trust me you will lose all your battery energy.

5. Have Apps running In the Background – One of the things that facilitate apps running in the background is keeping your data on, first after using your apps like Facebook, logout. Facebook is one of the battery draining machine. Always check your apps draining or better still switch off your data

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Now in some other instances, it might not be one of the above, in fact, your battery may actually be badly manufactured or damaged before it was installed into your new device. However, try the above and give us feedback on the result you have achieved.

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