Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk | Download Free Cyberfox Web Browser Intel

Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk | Download Free Cyberfox Web Browser IntelCyberfox Mini Browser Apk – Let’s do a quick review on the latest internet browser on web space, Cyberfox Web Browser 48.0 has been developed, updated and redeveloped again. Powered by Mozilla’s source code, it works mainly on any 32 bits and 64 bits Intel or AMD processor.

Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk

The Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk is by design compatible with a  32 and 64 bits system, it has a working interface as Firefox, easy to use on the web. One would think that the cyberfox is a no good browser.

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But one call it an option to Firefox browser, Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk download has a unique feature where you can customize just as you have it firefox, although a little bit fast and more efficient.

I earlier mentioned that the Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk can only be installed on a 32 bit system and also a 64 system, nevertheless, the is also a for a portable version, probably which could be used on mobile devices (not certain yet).

Now before the installation of cyberfox, one needs to understand the Cyberfox setup wizard, understand the cyberfox interface or may decide to leave the default Australis interface, complete the cyberfox setup by choosing the right scheme that works for you.

Due to the easy to use design of Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk, one can say it has similar features as Mozilla firefox browser, considering the fact that both browsers are powered by Mozilla.

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My major browser today is Firefox, but I can authoritatively tell you that a firefox user can easily make use of Cyberfox. Categorically speaking, Cyberfox’s interface doesn’t really differ from Firefox, so both can serve as option to each other.

Features Of Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk

Like I Said, both Firefox and Cyberfox are cousins, so when you are on Cyberfox interface, there are a few feature you should expect, they shouldn’t in fact surprise you; below are the following features of Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk;

  1. Due to its friendly easy to use interface, it has a TAB feature, browser history, manager download, add-ons, private browsing, bookmarks, themes, syncing capabilities, password manager, extensions even a Firefox Marketplace apps, etc.
  2. Cyberfox Web Browser is compatible with Windows 8/8.x OS.
  3. Users can select their desired template (Theme) for the interface, this means you to choose form a wide range of interface customization options.

Every internet user needs alternative once in a while, so I guess Cyberfox Web Browser is the best alternative any browser can ask of, a browser that can be customized extensively, it is easy to use, can be installed on 32 and 64 bit system, with no cons to think off.

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How To Download Cyberfox Mini Browser Apk

To download this application now, all you need to do is to click HERE to begin the downloading process and have a feel of Cyberfox.

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