www.2go.com version 3.9 | Download 2go 5.0.3 Version On www.2go.im

www.2go.com version 3.9 | Download 2go 5.0.3 Version On www.2go.im –  Download 2go from www.2go.com version 3.9 and 2go 5.0 Version. The 2go app can also be Downloaded from www.2go.im as an option to www.2go.com version 3.9.  The official 2go website with various available Latest 5.0.2 And 5.0.3 version which can be used on any Android phones, iPhones etc
www.2go.com version 3.9

Before we go further, I’ll like to tell you guys that downloading from www.2go.com version 3.9 has until recently been overlooked, however, 2go 5.0 is the most anticipated 2go version ever released by 2go interactive team.

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Maybe because of the new Download 2go 5.0.2 Version or 5.0.3 version can be seen as the improvement of 2go 4.0.

Download 2go 5.0 was however, released a couple of weeks back and has been available for download, the pioneers of 2go 5.0 via www.2go.com version 3.9 upgrade. At least few of it’s users who now prefer Whatsapp application, will still use the app.

The older 2go 4.0 version although has the Whatsapp look alike features was an improvement to www.2go.com version 3.9. This new one is a better improvement that allows users make calls, unlike the mediocre older version of 2go 3.7 and 2go 3.9.

Meanwhile simply download 2go 5.0 version I believe you will have the feel of Whatsapp application or maybe BBM interaction feel.

2go 4.0 can with a main feature and that was an improvement in offline notifications, but download 2go 5.0 didn’t just stop at just notification, the new app came with serious house cleaning and the introduction of many features to enhance its security features which were apparently fixed.

The experience of using 2go 2.0 versions on a JAVA interface has come and gone, which a lot of android, BlackBerry and iOS Smart phones in the market, 2go experience is very much better now.

2go actually upgrade so as to meet chatting demand which obviously was going high by the day and plus the www.2go.com version 3.9 was getting outdated.

Like few of us who used the 2go 2.0, I can testify that today’s 2go 4.0 or 2go 5.0 version can’t be matched by 2go 2.0 version. The last version being 2go 4.5.1 and also 2go 5.0.3 are even a better improvement of 2go 2.0 that even 2go 4.0 can’t match.

The introduction of 2go 5.0 has grossly shifted 2go users attention from 2go 4.0 to the new 2go, the chatting experience have changed.

2go 5.0 took some queue from Whatsapp, which should include visible improvements on its video call. 2go 5.0 version and 2go 4.0 has the same categories though.

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www.2go.com version 3.9 Upgrade –  2go 5.0 Improvement on the Items Listed below

Observation – 2go download version 5.0 Has To address the following faults

The New 2go Needs to improve Audio files sending ability – Sending of files……… other popular chatting application do this easily, so as expected the first thing 2go 5.0 should look at in order to increase usability.

Most users may not like to place a phone call, sending of audio file may be a better alternative, the it’s done on Whatsapp.

It should also improve it’s Video sending ability – Just like the audio sending, 2go interactive needs to critically look at this aspect of send video files which will also help them improve usability.

2go 4.0 main upgrade was on text messaging and Images sending including the Offline notification.

2go 5.0.2 has to be more user friendly – 2go is complex to use, maybe it’s the app design or something, but it is been hard to use most times, navigating is some serious job. Download 2go 5.0 has to or must improve on the above issues.

www.2go.com version 3.9 upgrade – How Do I Download 2go 5.0 Version?

  1. Go To 2go webpage www.2go.im and not www.2go.com version 3.9
  2. Click download link
  3. Start downloading app, Save in your phone and Run your new 2go 5.0 file
  4. Follow the instruction and fill in info on the next page

Now it shouldn’t be difficult to download 2go on any compatible device such as blackberry, HTC, symbian, Samsung and others, simply download  2go from www.2go.im for the new 2go messenger on 2go version 5.0 for new 2go experience.

Download 2go Latest Version on Android From www.2go.im

By downloading 2go messenger I can rightfully say has been among the first set of mobile application which enhances communication among friends and family. However, 2go has experience what I will call stagnation given the long use of www.2go.com version 3.9.

Now given the competition in the chatting world, it is now possible to download 2go on a lot of mobile device, just like we have 2go download for android.

Not only for android, you can as well download 2go 7.0 messenger on a Blackberry Priv Smartphone, which is even by far enhances communication with friends from all walks of life.

2go latest version has been released with a very light application which enables it to be installed on smartphones without difficulties, just Like  I did some time ago to a friend’s new Android device.

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Download 2go version 3 as well as download 2go version 2 has had the application improved from what it used to be to somewhat of a world class chatting application, given it’s tremendous growth which has now led to it’s massive patronage.

How To Download 2go for Android

You will agree with me that the percentage of people using android phone have multiply recently, therefore one can always download 2go latest version 7.0 from Googles major market known as Google Play store. From app store you get to update frequently on your 2go download app boycotting www.2go.com version 3.9.

Below are just few steps you will have to follow to download 2go for Android smartphone:

Step 1: From your android mobile phone, go to the 2go webpage, you may follow the option of typing www.2go.im into your browser or you can simply go through your Google Play Store Icon, which I know is on every android device.

Step 2: Tap the install link and patiently wait for your 2go download App to install, after installation, it will automatically create a shortcut for you on your phone.

Step 3: Now go to the place where your download 2go shortcut is, tap it to open.

Step 4: You will be required to Fill in the following

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Phone number

As well as fill other instruction that comes after.

Step 5: You can now go ahead to upload a Profile pix, do your necessary update status.

However, while trying to download 2go on your android device, and you encounter challenges, make use of the comment box, you will get a reply, since we have an already made tutor on 2go android download.

How to Download 2go for Blackberry Smartphones

2go download has not be limited to Blackberry phones, I can fully assure you that if you chose to Download 2go from www.2go.com version 3.9, you really can. However, I will show you how you can download 2go on blackberry.

For facts sake, I want to assure BB users that they can download 2go on there devices, apart from the recently introduced Blackberry Priv that has android Operating system, one who has BB can also download 2go on blackberry devices on 10.0 Operating system (OS) or even a lower OS.

The question is (How do I achieve this?) simply download the 2go app from Blackberry App world (Blackberry’s version of App Store).

Steps to Download 2go on Blackberry Smartphones

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Step 1: From the Blackberry App World there on your BB device, search for 2go application, click here .

Step 2: Tap on Download (For Touch Screen) allow 2go to fully download, also patiently wait for the app to install fully.

Step 3: Once your installation is done, you can go ahead to open the APP, fill in the following information about yourself; Country of origin, Phone number, Your Username, Password (secret), Gender, Date Of Birth (DOB).

Step 4: Allow loading and taking you to the APP proper. Do some other updates by uploading your profile photo and status.

Step 5: Your 2go is now ready for use.

How To Recover 2go Password from www.2go.im

Recovery of lost 2go password can easily be done through www.2go.com version 3.9 option, the irony of social media, most people forget their password, some out rightly miss places there’s, here I will outline a few steps can will enable you to recover you lost  2go download password as well as restore 2go Chats.

Most people will opt out of recovering their 2go account password instead they go for opening a new one account, of which I won’t advise.

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To recover your Password, do the following;

Step 1: Go to m.2go.im and chose your country and click on go (NOTE – default country is South Africa)

Step 2: Click the help page, from where you will select ‘I forgot my password/PIN’ and follow the instructions that come your way.

Step 3: Finally you will be compelled to send ‘2go Pin’ as requested to a Short code which you will be charged for.

Note – Make sure to use the phone number used during your 2go registration on www.2go.com version 3.9 that’s the only way  to retrieve your lost password as well as get a new password.

How To restore your chats On 2go

Do the following and you are good to go;

This is simple, hence all you need to do to restore your 2go messenger previous chat history is to follow the steps  as listed above (How To Recover 2go Password), However, when you get to the registration page, click on login and type in your Name as well as Password, your 2go 6.0 chat will be there live.

I hope this has been useful, it should now be easy for anyone to upgrade from www.2go.com version 3.9 to the most current 2go app, however kindly use the comment box for questions.

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