Download 2go – Download 2go 4.0, 2go 6.3 & v7.0 on

Download 2go – Download 2go 4.0, 2go 6.3 & v7.0 on  We now have 2go download 4.0, 6.0 as well as 7.0, I’ll consider to look at download 2go version 4.0 2 and download 2go version 3.7 as they do not stand a chance as against other social media, but then the purpose of any social network is to connect people, this 2go download for android has not failed to do.

download 2go

You may still wonder why I am writing a post on how to download 2go 4.0 when there are other 2go 4.0 software which are more advanced like the 2go android v3.0.4, 2go 6.3 or even the one that seems to be the latest 2go  download.

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Know More About How To Download 2go

Now my reason for writing on how to download 2go or how download 2go for android tecno N3 is not far-fetched, 2go 4.0 version I believe is the version to upgraded almost to the level whatsapp, that 2go 4.0 version has the capacity to function on any device, what we have in 2go 7.0 download and 2go android v3.0.4 including others is just an upgraded version of 2go 4.0.

I know you wouldn’t want to argue about methods of downloading 2go for android apk, but if you do, you can simply download 2go latest versions 7.0, then compare and contrast their similarities and differences. You will be shocked at the little differences and the huge similarities

2go as a social media has evolved over the years into what it is today, when 2go 3.8 was improved upon what had what was new then as 2go 4.0 version. Having used this app from inception, I was somewhat glad at their constant upgrade which finally gave birth to 2go 4.0 version.

I was blown away when I saw 2go download 4.0 version with extra features which will excite all it users that may clock about over 700 million users as of the period the app came into light.

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What blew me away was the offline messaging ability which was a bit of an issue with the earlier version; I mean, that should be by far the most significant feature that was improved upon.

I believe the constant upgrade on how to download 2go app was due to the game changer in the world of social media as whatsapp application was introduced, the high demand by users to have whatsapp on their phones led to the review and subsequently upgrades by download 2go messenger.

This eventually gave birth to 2go 4.0 download, is was able to compete to some extent, the damage has already been done, hence the subsequent 2go version that came along the line.

I have already said a whole to convince you that to download 2go 7.0 isn’t totally a waste of space, because that version can work virtually on all phones, the juicy part of this is that you can still do an upgrade from your 2go version 3.9 to 2go 4.0 version while still logged into your parent account.

For those who may have written off 2go 4.0 version because of the more advanced ones like 2go 7.0 and others, here are a few upgrade you may notice on the application..

2go Chats Rooms, Friends, by friends I mean you will be able to know who sent messages, both online and offline, bluish icon and others,

Now you get my favourite 2go 4.0 Rooms which comprises of Education room, music room, Politics, sports etc, there was also an improvement on the 2go Profiling, enough said BIKO, another exciting new feature is the Switch Accounts ability……….

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Download 2g0 – How To Download 2go 4.0.2 From

Step 1 – Log into

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Step 2 – Click download bar to process to continue to download 2go on your device.

Step 3 – Chose your phone model.

Step 4 – You can then open the application

Step 5 – Fill the mini form as will be presented

You are not permitted changed your user name once you have submitted but you can change your Password if you so wish.

Initiate and start operating your 2go 4.0 download app.

How To Install and Download 2go Apk 7.0.2

To download 2go Apk as well as install is as easy as anything easy, now a few things has emerged, and these things has brought about the few changes we have come to see when tries to download 2go app.

Now some different ways this 2go 7.0 apk can downloaded to replace this 2go 4.0 version on your Phone. Below are a few methods I have identified, they can be be applied by 2go users.

SIMPLY do the following –

Step 1: Go to the official 2go site Be sure you use the website as mentioned here, 2go has other fake websites with a caricature view, you get and others.

Step 2: Once on the 2go download webpage, click the download 2go icon and begin the downloading process.

Step 3: Choose your phone model. You can now download 2go 4.0 application.

2go For Android – 2go 7.0 Version On
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2go Download new features – 2go v.5.0.2

They are Java phone enabled-

  1. “go download 7.0 Chats Room – You get to meet friends, 2go with its various rooms affords you the opportunity to strike up a conversation with anyone, given the persons interest. Joining up in rooms is free.
  1. download Friends – There you have it, your friends List on 2go, both the on-line and off-line friends. You also have access to new 2go 4.0 version icons, messages sent to friends gets to you both the online and offline, you get to also see offline notification sent to you.
  2. 2go Rooms – 2go categories, they include the following rooms Education, Entertainment, music, sports, University etc).
  1. 2go Profile –  Here you can update your personal data and info, update your “public message” (PM),  as well as choose a Nick name for your 2go Room chats.
  2. 2go download News- Here you get the latest 2go information. These info are for example, News and 2go  updates.
  3. 2go 4.0 GoCredits – Get gocredits of different types, you get to choose between the following option of 300 Gocredit which goes for (NGN 30), the 525 Gocredit which also goes for (NGN 50) and then the 1100 Gocredit which as well go for (NGN 100).
  1. 2go Settings – You choose the 2go style that best suits you, get this in the General settings, Alert settings, Gateways and the Change Password feature. On the 2go settings you can as well know more “About” the 2go.mi, this is a place where you can get “Help” or “Quit” the 2go app.
  1. 2go Switch Accounts (NEW) – This is a new 2go feature, you can move in between accounts, you’ll still  logged out the app then redirected to the new login page where for you are required to login.
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I believe it will now be easy for anyone to download 2g0 latest apk from, however, have issues with anything, simply make use of the comment box, a reply will be duly sent by one of our admin.

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