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Waphan is a Downloading webpage for Games, Videos Mp3, Apps through the portal Waphan.com, www.Waphan.net is another version for the popular online downloading website know as Waptrick. Here you get to download different type of files which includes Videos download, Mp3 Music as well as Wallpapers on Waphan.com.


www.Waphan.net beauty is that It works on any smartphone, hence you need one to be able to make use of the over a million file on the platform.

www.waphan.net Files And Apps To Be Downloaded

www.waphan.net provides you with the very best of application, from 2go to WhatsApp, then BBM as well as Facebook app and also Pinterest. Mobile application makes us stay glued to our device, as such waphan.net will provide much of it.

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Waphan racing Games, Apps, waphan Mp3 lovers should have one thing in their mind, and that is the safeness of the platform known as www.waphan.com with a subsidiary in waphan.net, the platform is only few months old but has generated enough buzz since it was launched late last year.

The growth in the usage of smartphone has made it possible for waphan to gain popularity among other downloading sites.

Briefly we will consider how to download app, games, mp3, videos on waphan platform and also a short over view of the list of categories waphan has on their www.waphan.net Mp3 downloading platform.

www.Waphan.net – Similarities Between Waphan and Waptrick

wapha is nothing but a mobile download site, with files that are responsive, in that you can download apps from the platform without fear of compatibility, you get to download some waphan music, waphan games from the site, waphan wallpapers as well as download waphan videos and many more.

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Like is said earlier in this post waphan close similarity with Waptrick, they can substitute for the other.

The difference between downloading sites like www.waphan.net Music  and Waphan.com isn’t that much, I know most people will want to know the difference between then.

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Now, to make things clearer about this two sites, a record from WHOIS revealed that waphan and waptrick are been hosted as well as registered by same Registrars and Same hosting company, they might as well be owned by the same individual, who know?

Observed Similarities Between www.Waphan.net and waptrick.com

  • Both has similar theme as well as templates, in fact when you type waphan.com, it redirects you to waptrick.one that is the waptrick home page.
  • Both are downloading websites, probably owned by the same company.

Waphan.com has the following to give its users, Apps, Music files, Themes, Wallpapers, music Video Downloads etc, however, Waphan.net also provides the same but with a little emphasis on music files, this has been included in different categories of the page.

Meanwhile, the waphan’s .Net you are redirected to .Com so basically it’s the same webpage as assumed before.

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Quickly let’s look at the features of Waphan.net as well as learn how to download on Waphan

Categories On Waphan.net and There features

www.waphan.net gives New Music notification as well as the Most Downloaded Music, below are a few of the popular categories on waphan;

Waphan Animations – Animations includes both the cartoons and the rest, waphan provides you that lots, decorate your device with them.

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Themes On Waphan – Get the most fancy theme you have ever seen here, the themes are already compatible with your device.

Waphan Videos – You get to watch online movies, which you can also download from this category, Waphan films includes both the short and the full length videos.

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Waphan Music – Here you have Waphan subcategories of popular music such as RnB, Pop music, Rap music, Raggae etc.

Waphan music subcategories – Here you have Campus rock, cool Rock music, Heavy metal, country music as well as others.

Electronic Music – Here you have your Electronic Dance as well as Techno sounds and more.

Oldies  (70s, 80s and 90s) – Download your Everly-brothers as well as other oldies!

www.Waphan.net MP3 Music download?

I have written a short step to follow in order to download from waphan.net; check below

  1. Go to waphan homepage on www.waphan.net
  2. From their select any Category you wish to download files from
  3. Chose a File click on download
  4. Patiently wait for file to download.
  5. Now there you have it, you can go ahead and enjoy you downloads.

I will drop my pen here, but should in case you have issues with this, you can always make use of the comments box below.

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