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www.quantcast.com Sign Up | Login Quantcast.com For Media Measurement Service – I have decided to write short article on www.quantcast.com as a firm and as a media measurement service enabler which helps in providing websites statistics.


Post Highlights on www.quantcast.com

  • Meaning Of Of Quantcast Login
  • How To Make Use of Quantcast Sign Up
  • Legal implication of Quantcast

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Now let’s begin with the meaning of Quantcast, and the question will be what is Quantcast?

According to the information from Quantcast  official homepage www.quantcast.com, quantcast is a firm design to carry out the function of media measurement, other functions includes web analytics service, this provides users relevant statistics of millions of websites across the globe.

On the Quantcast website www.quantcast.com you will clearly see the Corporation’s prime focus, they include Quantcast Measure, Quantcast Advertise, and also Quantcast Audience Grid.

This shows that quantcast is used to analyze most web sites whereby thee is possibility to get accurate usage data statistics in the USA, UK, Australia etc.

You may wonder who uses this www.quantcast.com, now the fact is that this firm mainly patronised by most online advertisers who seeks to explore some target specifically, the demographics the area which includes age, the income of the target as well as the income etc. More information on these can be obtained from http://www.quantcast.com the official websites.

www.quantcsat.com – How To Make Use of Quantcast

having known a few things this Quantcast could be used for, one can easily say that quantcast and comScore has the function.

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However, with millions of websites operating on large network of data collection feeds, not only that also web beacons plus some unknown cookies, therefore, an individual can be tracked when they visit any websites in its network.

Now with that a profile could be created on the person’s browsing behaviour, to estimate or conclude the persons demographics.

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Quantcast tries to understand how most search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing etc examine the methods used to interlink webpages, this helps to kow how relevant it is on the network on the demographics collected.

 Is it Legal to Use Quantcast?

Having faced many lawsuits over privacy violation other set back, both comScore and Quantcast have used proprietary algorithms to enabled them make reasonable guesses on the ages of most their users, from the internal measures thereby displaying an Ad to that person.

These datum from comScore and quantcast are not usually the correct datum but an educated guesses based a measurement carried out on the actual visitor, and that is what most true analytics use.

Similarities Between comScore And Quantcast

  • Both companies are media measurement firms
  • They have face a lot of lawsuits, plus accusations of general privacy violations
  • They have been also accused of pushing the boundaries of the data they collect.
  • Both comScore and Quantcast has continued to exist despite dozens of privacy violation lawsuits against, them, a check on Google will confirm that.

www.quantcast.com has thrived even in the farce online privacy wobble, however, individuals has been cautioned on their privacy which is always exploited online, so master the act of keeping your details safe.

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Hope this has been helpful, make use of the Comment box if there are questions…

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