Top 7 Trending Android Apps In Canada | Trending Apps 2016

Top 7 Trending Android Apps In Canada – I thought I had pen down a list of top trending Android Apps In Canada currently.

Things like this aren’t easy most times, but hey! I did a little digging and I have come up with this 7 trending Android Apps in Canada today, these app you had see virtually on majority of the android device there.

Trending Android Apps In Canada

This is a compilation of both the old and still relevant app, as well as new apps which are still being downloaded massively.

Now take a deep breath as we embark on this journey, 7 most downloaded and trending Android apps in Canada in 2016. Check em’ out below;

List Of Top 7 Trending Android Apps In Canada In 2016

Jobs in Canada – Tornoto Jobs – Well this has to be the first on my list of top trending android apps in Canada, It is possible you get this app on any unemployed Canadian android device. The App has a compilation of links to different jobs in Toronto as well as Canada at large. Designed with a hyperlink which connects to top jobs websites in Canada, From Wowjobs, Hcareer, Linkedin, allstarjobs etc. New in Canada? Quickly download this app.

Tinder app Which other app would have to come second in this compilation, Tinder for android is an app meant for hooking up, it’s a dating app, Now how does this work? You need a facebook account to have tinder working, your facebook account enables it, of cause you know you have to be at least 18 years of age to be able to make use of this dating app. Go ahead and download tinder app for android, set up your profile and meet new people you had love to date.

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Bell TV (Far flung PVR) – I had called this a mobile television, users can decide to set up a personal video recorders using their cellphone.

Cineplex Cellular – I call this app for the movie maniac, this android app provides you with the required information as to the latest films and also their showtimes at the cinema, you can always add this to one of your top trending android apps in Canada.

OkCupid – Now my fifth on list of trending android apps in Canada has to be another dating app, however, I had to add this because of ability to work without you sign in up on facebook, I think you can download this android app on Canadian app store android. All you need to do is to create a name and fill in the necessary information as needed.

CIBC Cellular Banking – CIBC I had say is one of the few mobile android banking apps you had see in Canada today, It is to the best of my knowledge the best method which can be used in cellular banking in Canada today, get one for  you android device now.

Advance SMS SchedulerFinally on my top 7 trending Android Apps In Canada In the year 2016, I will conclude with the android app known as Advanced SMS scheduler, this app provides you the best way to schedule test messages using your android device, with an option of frequency sending of messages with a time gap of five minutes to one hour. Features like Multiple SMS recipient, selecting of recipient makes it user friendly.

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Now there you have, 2016 Canada’s top 7 trending android apps today. I’ll drop my pen here, but for questions and enquiry, make use of the comment box.

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