Apple Curved Screen The Next iPhone To Be Launched By Apple

Apple Curved Screen The Next iPhone To Be Launched By Apple – With the new innovations and the increase in the mobile phone industry, it won’t be wrong to assume that the competition is getting stiffer by the day, considering the soon to be latest, known as the Apple Curved Screen.

Apple Curved Screen The Next iPhone To Be Launched By Apple

Apple Curved Screen The Next iPhone To Be Launched By Apple

New features, new additions, new mobile updates, OS upgrade and so much more has been the daily routine of these giant mobile companies. Now Apple have decided it may borrow a leave from another major industry player by adopting its key feature (Apple Curved Screen) from a smart device that was produced by it’s all time biggest adversary (Rival).  Now this is the kind of thing that drive manufacturing firms into some great exploits, and now the Apple Curved Screen will be next to hit, following what people has been refereeing to a Samsung footstep.

According to reports the Apple Curved Screen will be launched next year, 2017. These line up of great iPhone devices may according to reports include three different variants, namely

  1. 7-inch model
  2. 5-inches
  3. Then the premium handset will either be 5.5-inches a little larger.

An Asian Review from Nikkei reported a source similar with what Apple plans.

It states that the two first mobile devices will have the usual flat screen, and then the third have the design of one of Samsung phones (Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7) which has a curved screen. This means that the Apple Curved Screen will be adopted into iPhone. This curved screen will offer some real estate icons, super apps as well as other content.

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The idea for the Apple Curved Screen may have been conceived due to the fact that S7 Edge has been the premium seller since it came into the market, and then a seemingly decline in the sales of iPhone in major markets may have prompted the Apple Curved Screen. I guess Apple needed to do something new to march up with the trend.

A few features of the Apple Curved Screen Which will be launched next year

According to the reports, the new iPhone Curved Screen device will come with a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, this isn’t new, because it has been one of the features of Apple smartphones. The nest will be made with an organic light emitting diode (OLED). They will be lighter in weight and the thinner in size. They will also come with an efficient battery power.

Anyway, with so much hype coming already, I hope this comes to reality, rumours of newly manufactured phone usually hit the net before the info about it is released officially, lets hope this isn’t one of such rumours.

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