Google ​Android Nougat Now In Nexus phone and tablet

Google Android Nougat Now In Nexus phone and tablet – Google Android NougatGoogle has added a new version of update to its OS to their wing, the Google’s latest version is the Android 7.0 OS.

This latest Google version of Android OS is known as Nougat, guess this should be a good news as this latest arrival was announced a forth night ago.

Google Android Nougat Now In Nexus phone and tablet

Google Android Nougat Now In Nexus phone and tablet

Although the Android Nougat has been around for a while, in fact it’s on record that people has had the luxury of playing it with beta, with the newly added features to Android.

What are the New Feature on Google Android Nougat

The new Google Android Nougat came with some new feature, below are the following features on the Google Android Nougat;

  1. Multi-window multitasking, you get the benefit of multitasking your device, an essential part of the new addition.
  2. Extra battery-saving modes, this is an important feature, long battery live makes phone experience great, good addition.
  3. Google VR platform known as Daydream.
  4. Also you get the new bunch of emojis which are included as part of the new changes.

Now the features can be very enticing, moreover, these newly added features is to increase it’s user efficiency, others will be pushed in the next few weeks, from the Nexus 6, the Nexus 5X, Nexus 9, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player and then the Pixel C as well as the General Mobile 4G on the Android One Platform. The next few weeks will be a busy on, hence, every device under the Google Android beta family (Program) is going to be automatically upgraded to it’s premium version also.

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The Google Android Nougat to me is a blessing, now a lot using Android OS, that is the likes of HTC, Tecno, Motorola, Samsung etc will hold on a bit until the Google Android Nougat is adapted into their respective android. I believe Non- Google Android fans will have to wait for the LGV20 which will be launched by September 6th, it’s already confirm that the first among the devices as will be shipped in will have been integrated with the Android Nougat.

So keep your tabs on for more information as days roll by.

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