Tinder for iPhone | Download Free Tinder 4.6.1 For iOS Software

Tinder for iPhone | Download Free Tinder 4.6.1 For iOS SoftwareAm going to give a short and quick tutorial on Tinder for iPhone, how to download and install as well as how to make use of the app in making new friends.

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  • What Is Tinder App?
  • Things To know About Tinder for iPhone
  • Functions and features of Tinder
Tinder for iPhone | Download Free Tinder 4.6.1 For iOS Software

Tinder for iPhone | Download Free Tinder 4.6.1 For iOS Software

What is Tinder for iPhone

iPhone is a mobile device while Tinder is an application which can be used on an iPhone, in general, tinder is an online app that can be used in connecting with new friends, especially friends you are interested in dating. Like I said in previous post on tinder “Tinder for Android” I stated that Tinder has almost the same functions as badoo app. Yeah I said so because both apps are mainly used in connecting with people whom you are interested in dating.

On a brighter note, you mustn’t necessarily connect with people on tinder to for the purpose of dating, you may want to meet up and then discuss business, however, the app as I was meant to believe was built to aid in the act of connecting people who are interested in each other.

Things To know About Tinder for iPhone

For one who wants to use this tinder for iPhone app, there are a few things you should really know about this app, if not for anything, so that you will be able to explain to whosoever that may want to know more about Tinder.

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Now tinder as an application helps to connect people around you who are interested in dating, most times you might be shy in walking up to that person who lives close by, through tinder, you get to set up a date without even meeting each other, of cause walking up to someone you don’t know can be a difficult job, Tinder for iOS makes it easy. The Tinder apk I believe is strictly a dating app that can help you secure a date, this explain the reason behind it’s popularity among you fellows. It does almost 60% of the job for you.

Functions and features of Tinder

Tinder as an online mobile app has some basic features which will list below, having been considered as the world hottest app by Forbes magazine, below are the features of tinder for iPhone;

  1. You get to connect with your facebook contact which is provided as a search option.
  2. Tinder is inform of a game, where you accept or reject a person by swiping either left or right on the screen of your phone.
  3. You have a feature that notifies you of a match, then you can talk privately with the person.

I will always recommend tinder for that dude who is always shy to walk up to that special lady at the back of his building or across the road, Simply download the app from apple store.

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