Whatsapp Notification Android | How To Stop Auto Download of Photos | Videos

Whatsapp Notification Android | How To Stop Auto Download of Photos | Videos – Whatsapp notification android is an integral part of the social media app for android device which one cannot wish away, but to learn how to readjust so as to enjoy the benefits of the app.

Whatsapp Notification Android | How To Stop Auto Download of Photos | Videos

Whatsapp Notification Android | How To Stop Auto Download of Photos | Videos

Most times whatsapp notification can be annoying, when you do not feel like reading those messages but you keep getting the notification sound, worst of it is the automatic downloading of images and videos.

Now that’s what I’ll be focusing on, the automatic downloading of images and videos. It is most annoying when you as a member of a group chat on Whatsapp, you keep getting unnecessary whatsapp notification of images and videos on your device, without even downloading them yourself. Now imagine being a member of four different group chats on Whatsapp, I bet you, you’d have your device filled with junk images and unwanted videos…. Lol! Well, that was my exact experience.

Am currently on three different Whatsapp chat groups, I had wanted to opt out but then i felt my colleagues will feel insulted, so I thought of alternatives, one of which is to find a way to deactivate the unnecessary whatsapp notification I get, and then the auto downloading of images and videos I keep getting from these various group chat.

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It wasn’t funny though because a few of my friends told me to enjoy the videos and images while it lasts, I tried deactivating the sound, I once deleted the application cause my device was filled, I had to reinstall it back, I had a routine of deleting junks from my device once every week, it was that bad.

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But then I found a way to end that WHATSAPP NOTIFICATION which has already become a burden to me, this is will share shortly.

How To Deactivate Auto Download On Whatsapp

Now this is quite simple, follow the few steps as I will be listing them here : –

  • Go to where your Whatsapp application is on your Android or BlackBerry smartphone and open it.
  • At the top right corner, you have a dot arranged vertically, tap on it to open
  • Select setting from the drop down menu
  • From the settings select data usage
  • Select each of the option (When Using mobile, When connected on Wi-Fi and When Roaming) and deactivate all by checking on the boxes, if you so wish.

See image sample



Phew! There you have it, do the needful and start enjoying your Whatsapp again, those Whatsapp Notification won’t be an issue again and those images and videos won’t auto saved on your devices again… Let me drop my pen here. For questions, simply use the comment box.

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