Whatsapp Opt Out Of Blackberry And Nokia Phones OS

Whatsapp Opt Out Of Blackberry And Nokia Phones OS – I know you will not like this information am about to share, sounds like bad news to some but this definitely is a business decision.

Whatsapp Opt Out Of Blackberry And Nokia Phones OS

Whatsapp Opt Out Of Blackberry And Nokia Phones OS

In as much as I hate to be the one who brings this information to your knowledge, I’ve got no option than to do my job, just like the title of this post suggests Whatsapp Opt Out Of Blackberry And Nokia Phones OS the information is as good as the title.

Hmmm….. the popular WhatsApp application used for messaging will be discontinue on Blackberry and Nokia operating system at the end of 2016. Truly, I never really believed it until last week when I wanted to login into my whats-app application on my Blackberry Q5, the message Got shocked me, it was suggesting that I change my device because whatsapp will no longer be available on my phone by December 2016.

With over 1 Billion active users, whatsapp had earlier in the year celebrated its 7 year anniversary, but had ended up feeding its Blackberry and Nokia users with bad news on such a good day.

I still do not know why Whats-app is discontinuing its services to Blackberry and Nokia, although i got a wind that they want to concentrate on only Android device. Though it seems the newly built Android-powered Blackberry Priv will survive the massive heat based on Android OS, time will tell.

WhatApp eventually released a statement which from a business angle made sense, they explained in there announcement that they want to focus on mobile platforms the has massive appeal and a mobile product with some many users, because of this android OS has been favoured. Which then led to the announcement that by the end of 2016 Whats-App Messenger will be ending support to these mobile platforms:

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BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10, Nokia Symbian S60, Nokia S40, Android 2.2 or Android 2.1, Windows Phone 7.1.

They further explained that the above listed devices do not offer those type of capabilities they need to grow and expand our the whatsapp brand in the nearest future, they stated that those devices has limited the features they will want to add.

This will mainly affect developing countries.

It then means for one to make use of WhatsApp, one has to “upgrading to an Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone”. This is simply holding a reasonable percentage of whatsapp users on their balls…. Whatsapp I hail thee!

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