A Must Have Android App That Should Be On Your Phone

A Must Have Android App That Should Be On Your Phone – This article was written based on a personal research I carried out using my Samsung Galaxy 9082 android phone.

A Must Have Android App That Should Be On Your Phone

A Must Have Android App That Should Be On Your Phone

I’ll listing at least top five apps which was developed in Nigeria that has to be on your mobile phone.

The list is in no particular order, simply read up and do the needful, see below.

  1. Nigerian Updates: The Android app on Nigeria was design to give quick updates on the happening of our environment, especially for those living in Nigeria. Nigerian Updates is an android application which has all the categories of news, fashion, technology, music, education, food, entertainment and also music videos for the lovers of music. If the above listed interests you then this application is for you. The Nigerian Updates app automatically gathers all updates from the categories listed above, this updates will be coming from various Nigerian websites and can then be viewed in one app. Good thing this application is available on Google playstore.
  2. HowFar Application: The Howfar Android App is a mimic of Whatsapp, it is a free messaging application which allows users to chat as well as connect with friends. Download the Howfar App and have all the social fun with friends.
  3. Orbi: I know this app sounds new but it’s use isn’t new, the Orbi was built to enable users to share their experience with people all around the world through voice. On this new android app you can create your profile, which will then give you licence to post a 9 seconds voice notes, it helps you to discover people based on personal social network and also interests. The Orbi application was primarily built to encourage an open ended discussions with different people and as well it is an avenue for creativity through the voice.
  4. Corocodile Browser: Hmmmmm! I like this, this is a very Sleeky browser designed for Android devices. The browser was built with the capability to open up pages at a very high speed. But the new UI which was designed recently helps to improves user experience on the browser. Just like Firefox and Opera Mini, this new kid in the block will definitely catch your eyes.
  5. Nigerian Constitution app: This should at least be a must have for all Nigerians, you don’t know the trouble you may find yourself in tomorrow, simply get the Nigerian constitution app on your Android phone. The Nigerian Constitution application hopes to address the massive lack of constitutional knowledge of the nation’s laws which is a deficiency on the part of the citizens. This app helps to rebrand Nigerians by ensuring that they get knowledge of their constitution via a version of a documented app for mobile phones
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