Android And Iphone Which Is Better, Learn A New Thing

Android And Iphone Which Is Better, Learn A New Thing – The comparison between Android And iPhone devices are beginig to emerge many Android users are now hugging unto iphone.

Android And Iphone Which Is Better, Learn A New Thing

Android And Iphone Which Is Better, Learn A New Thing

According Tim Cook, Apple CEO, stated that at least 30% (30 percent) of new iPhone users switched from Android product between the month of July to September 2015.

Again Cook did disclose his shock as to the accelerated level at which Android users are switching, he said: “We were actually blown away on how most Android users moved to using iPhone just last October to December]. The patronage has been the highest so far.”

I still use Android device I’ve never thought of switching to iPhone, but I’ve always been curious on the reason why Android phone users are moving to iPhone in a Very higher rates. I’ve have always thought it is the larger screens the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus debuted with, which has finally brought the iPhone device to the same level with Android tablets in terms of screen.

I spoke to some Android users who switched to iPhone, they all said almost the same thing, which is the frustration they experienced over lack of Android software updates.

Now it was high time I tried the iOS and see for myself. I inserted the SIM card I had removed from my Samsung Galaxy and placed it into a friends brand new iPhone 6S device. I’ve not used an iPhone before, hut on few occasions I’ve done some office work with it, however, using this friends iphone will be my first time of using an iPhone (I mean on a temporary basis). I didn’t have to use my Samsung Galaxy phone for two months, I had to work for two hectic weeks in Sydney for a trade show.

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Now this was my observation after switching from my Android device to an iPhone over a period of two long months.

Now to start with I’ll categorically state that one obvious thing about Android and iPhone is that they both have a very matured operating systems (OS). The two smart devices also have more similar features that makes it difficult to different from each other.

As I used that Iphone for that period of Two months, I was mainly looking out for the software differences, I wasn’t really so concerned about the hardware.

Now Below Are the Things I Observed From Android And Ipone iOS.

In terms of constant updates Apple wins it

I used the iPhone from early December till now I’ve received two software updates already (iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.2.1) and the third will soon be sent (iOS 9.3). the beauty of this is that these software updates were made available across the globe and to all supported iOS irrespective of the wireless carrier. Hence, iOS 9 is currently running at least 75 percent iOS devices, these includes the following iOS family iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads, this stats was released by Apple’s App Store Distribution page.

It will surprise you to know that iPhone 4S is still been updated, a device released as far back as 2011.

Now on Google’s operating system (GOS), the case here is totally different, for example, the latest Android operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which was released last year’s September is found in less than 1% of Android devices across the globe. Credit goes to the large number of Android partners for their customized OS, but this still frustrates the users. Now it simply means you need the Google’s Nexus devices you not get software updates on Android as often as you want.

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Developers Develop Apps For iOS first

Developers seems to develop apps for iOS first before they do same for Android. It’s alarming that the live-streaming app Periscope was on iOS for at least two months ahead of Android. Now iPhone has the Facebook Paper app with the new Sports Stadium already as it is on the NYT Now app. Periscope compatibility works only on iPhones, at least for now.

The Fast Effect Of the Touch ID

iPhone’s superlative Touch ID is faster than others. By simple press on the home button will unlock it within seconds. The Touch ID is also more reliable than the Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6 and others.

Fast Charging goes for Android

Battery life has always been a challenge for iOS users, I had to charge the iPhone for at least 21/2 hours to charge from zero percent to full.

Most high end Android devices guarantees quick charging, one could get 8 hours of power within 15-minute period of charge on an Moto X Pure.

OS-level Google integration is High As Compared to iOS

Google integration is more on Android the a conventional iOS device. As well as that the freedom and the efficiency in customization gives Android users access to every part of Android operating system. This freedom include changing texting apps, change default Web browser etc.

While iOS requires extra steps to toggle Wi-Fi on and off, Android on the other had connects to a specific Wi-Fi network from the notifications pull-down.

From all that we’ve considered iPhone 6S will always be a choice for a phone, I recommended it for everyone, especially for the selfie freaks. iOS camera is top-notch, runs smoothly, OS is easy to navigate.

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Android is good too, comes naturally for me. The deep Google integration gives it an edge any day any time.

As far as iOS is concerned let’s see what they do with Google this year 2016.

Android And Iphone will always lead the way for other smart phones to follow…..

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