Facebook App The Brain Behind Battery Drain

Facebook App The Brain Behind Battery Drain – It amazing that people keep asking why their battery go down almost immediately after charging it, the answer is not far fetched.

Facebook App The Brain Behind Battery Drain

Facebook App The Brain Behind Battery Drain

However, we will be taking a closer look at the answer which we seem to be addicted to.

First I’ll start by discrediting this Facebook app on Android and iPhone which by far are not great. Facebook apps on these device has what we call bugs that will always drain the battery from the background, a part from draining your battery, they also consume your mobile data subscription without your knowledge most a times, it consumes a lot of your space in the device memory as well as make your phone slow while in operation.

Instead of bugging your device with the unnecessary app and awful app, you can use Facebook’s fairly full-featured mobile site which is less annoying in terms of experience. Perhaps, one can simply add the website to the phones home screen where you can easily launch with just one tap same as the app.

Now on the Android device, do a little adjustment in the notifications from the Facebook home browser, use the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or the Opera mobile. But if the listed browsers are not enough for you, one can as well send and receive FB messages from the mobile site even without the hustle of downloading the Facebook Messenger app.

To help the users of Chrome browser, from the web browser app go to facebook.com and just sign in. By first visiting the website, Fcaebook will alert you that they want to send notifications to you. All you need do is to Tap “Allow” that’s all, you’ll start getting Facebook notifications through the Google Chrome. This only applies for the Google Chrome users. Don’t know about others but for now it is only on Google Chrome, so for one to have that feature you must have Chrome as your default web browser. However, for more clarification, try other browsers and see for yourself.

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Meanwhile, you may desire to deactivate the notifications, from the menu button in Chrome, click on “Settings,” and then “Site settings” from the “Advanced” sub-menu, click on “Notifications,” now remove notification permission from the m.facebook.com on the browser.


  1. From the Facebook app icon app drawer, simply long-press it and then drag it to a trash icon
  2. If the above doesn’t work, go the Settings page, click on the “Apps” category
  3. Click on the Facebook app, and then click the “Uninstall” link.

NOTE- should in case there is no “Uninstall” button in the option, this maybe because it was pre-installed after the phone was manufactured, in this case you can’t uninstall it. However, instead of the uninstall button, a “Disable” button might be in place; here you click on the button to disable the app.

Although it is an old tip, but it has always worked. After reading this you shouldn’t be having problems with Facebook’s app again when there a thousand better option available for you.

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